23 Jun 2010

the constant companion

aloneness is  a state of being that does not take in account your circumstances. 
a state of being that you might as well as may have been addicted to, a situation created by you or inflicted upon you or maybe not.

i post, re-post and re-re post my blog entries...sometimes because i hate piling up unread garbage, sometimes because i find myself feeling the same things all over again.....

here is a toast to the constant companion.... 

the above said link is to the blog post of a very dear friend of mine... krish for me, SV for some and Gopal for someone special. And when i read this a few days back it was like he wrote my heart out...

and i added to that...

sometimes i feel lonely when the silence engulfs my shrieks,
sometimes i feel lonely when the only person witness to my life is me.
sometimes i feel lonely when i laugh at an incident that happened long back but cant share that laughter with anyone else.
sometimes i feel lonely when my eyes swell with tears, i hold them back farcing a bold face, 
i feel lonely when i am successful at masking myself.
sometimes i feel lonely when thoughts and feelings fill me, yet go un-noticed. 
 sometimes i feel lonely when i have so much to say yet remain silent. 
i feel lonely when life still goes on. 
sometimes i feel lonely.



  1. Loneliness has tainted my walls of glass,
    I pounded and waved and shrieked...
    not a solitary ray could I beguile,
    in every synonym made,
    and they kept walking on...

  2. Hi VB...
    I love the line where you state ‘aloneness’ may be created by you or inflicted upon you....
    Re-posting unread posts is a great way of opening up horizons that were missed...inspires me to do the same!

    I also am swept by the lines added by you on feeling lonely...
    Finds an easy echo in the heart...
    Well, like I heard being said somewhere...
    If we are all lonely, then ain’t we united in that?

  3. yeah do it.... i do it so very often!!
    did u read the original lines?? they are awesome as well!!

    if we are all united in that will we be lonely still?