19 Dec 2009

the constant monologue: i talk myself to sleep.

the recent news where a mom twitted about her son's death attracted fury,concern and sympathy in equal measure.
in my core group it evoked pity, for her and a time for reality check for ourselves.
all this sounds so cliche' technology has taken us away from people and is like all cliche's so true.
this generation of us, of self-proclaimed self professed intellectuals/geeks constantly on the network,looking for people looking for the likes.
i have been constantly complained to of being unconcerned or less concerned about people around me. i am called the silent types, but i chat away,blog away to glory all the while.

my friends are on my computer

it is a sad situation.
and the more saddening part is i am blogging about my concerns about blogging.

a friend of mine clarifies and i quote:
"I blog about things i wouldn't tell anyone 'coz i know they wouldn't be bothered(and in turn finding people who can relate to it)"

reason enough for now =|


  1. there are a lot of things that come into play when you start thinking like that....IT psychology is perhaps the most difficult thing to understand right now....technology is changing stuff...
    the feelings are not lost though...that's all i'm saying...my view on this would be that like computers are getting faster by the day, our ability to feel stuff and get over it quickly is increasing...like...if i have a bad job interview...or a bad game of basketball, i will think about it for an hour or so and be done with it...i won't mull over it for days...that time period is reducing because of the increasing number of things that you have to do during a day....

    but i dunno what others would say about this....maybe they have a counter-point that is indeed right...

  2. it is a great thing then right. getting over it quicker. people may take you as insensitive but i have always been quick to move on...i agree with my frnd's view too though.

    btw thnks for going through all my posts...saves them from being qualified as unread garbage otherwise =P

  3. a friend of mine clarifies and i quote:
    "I blog about things i wouldn't tell anyone 'coz i know they wouldn't be bothered(and in turn finding people who can relate to it)"

    the last bit....this is what i am doing...because i'm too bored to write down things myself...

  4. and also, it wasn't just me i was talking about....this is what i've seen in people...except critical illness and death, people do tend to get over bad things quickly...faster than they used to....you'll find that people in villages in India are too strong about feelings...they still have that ability, or you might say inability, to not let things pass easily....

  5. blogging is fun! chk out the facebook look-alike blog now!

  6. =)

    i guess we wud rather spend cooped up in front of the lappy rather than go and do sumthing...coz i guess we all hav bcome really "lazy"

    and about pouring our hearts out...sum ppl hav no other option but to spill out inconsequential woes to the cyber world

  7. i take that.
    yes agreed we are too "lazy"/ "too-democratically-consumerish" to go out and do something. we like to bw spoon fed and then complain about the salt-lessness...

    yes no other option...reason your quote that i have used.

  8. Well sometimes the internet does provide an ideal medium for shy and insecure people to talk and be themselves because they are anonymous there.

    and ofcourse juggernaut's reason is a valid one too !

    Anywhoo love the blog and especially the pictures !

  9. there are so amny reasons but a single outcome =)

    thanks =)