9 Dec 2009

all in a morning's work =)

it's a bizzare morning.

dying already =|
i am reading TUESDAYs WITH MORRIE nowadays (close to completion now) and was catching up an early morning broadcast of  THE BUCKET LIST (movie) on HBO. both involve old men in the last days of their life. well it was ironical 'coz i woke up in the morning running a temperature and a runny nose and all through the movie i was in a blanket, a sweater on me sneezing and coughing. i realized the irony of it after movie was over and i got rid of the sweater and the mess in the room rearranged the furniture and got a grip  =|

It is nice to not know about some-things and let you mom explain them to you =)
My mom is a share-enthusiast or whatever they are called. i am a big zero in the totality. she constantly discusses the share market with my brother. who supposedly understands and nods. I DON'T. yeah, i am ignorant and my mom takes great pleasure in talking about it in my presence.
i secretly love it. she likes the fact there still are certain things that she can teach me.
[ i cant learn cooking from her. we have completely different procedures of almost everything].

it is nice to not-know about some-things and let your mom explain them  to you =)

yeah, not to forget i also saw a bull fight this morning =P

and its just about noon.

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