30 Dec 2009

random conversations: the dazzler on the street!

long since i last posted a conversation.
all right this happened this morning. me, bhupi and mum  in the car.
background: my mom has an innate knack of describing things.
(effect lost in translation) 
she saw a girl on her scooty at the traffic signal. 
she looked at her and then turned around and said.

mom: [makes a face] look at the girl on the scooty.
         gawd she has a chain in her back pocket with three stars dangling, they are shining!!(under the sun)
   (and as you look at it how very scientific...stars under the sun...shining due to the light reflected...hmmm ohk back to the convo)

bhupi and me look at the girl.

moi: whoa a dazzling bum!!

laughter!!! (me and mum)

bhupi:[looking at us] he ru(a)m!!!!!(pathetic attempt to make it rhyme)

 i see stars under the sun,
a babe on move...
i see long walls with doors,
i see cheese on the moon.

blah!! who said i have to make sense =|