7 Dec 2009

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

i am the father. yes.
i feel proud when my son recites the poem he recited on the stage in his annual function.

i am the father.
i love my daughter.
i love to see her dance.  dance away.

i am the father.
i look into my wife's eyes when she describes the time when my son said something mature for the first time, when my daughter wrote her name for the first time. while i was away...

i am the father.
i try and look into her eyes for the magic of that moment i missed.
through my reading glasses i see her smile.beaming at her children.
i am the father.
i am the person who leads the way, who walks alone.
who stands behind the camera capturing each moment spent.

i am the father.
i am the person who is the silent lover, while the mother takes the accolades.
who lives through the nine months wait; dotingly besides the lady on the bed.

i am the father.
my eyes swell with proud tears that is why i look away;
knowing at that exact moment i am complete.

i am the father, yes.


  1. beautiful. but i thought you were a girl no?

  2. kailash kher did sing "teri deewani"

    yes i am very much a girl.
    this post is inspired by the look my cousin had when he was showing off the video of his son's first ever annual function performance.

    thanks for stopping by =)

  3. this reminds me of a song....

    Heartland - I loved her first....well a bit of it....listen to it....it's amazing!

  4. "silent lover"

    the cousin is Kana bhaiya na..?