5 Dec 2009

can nor cannot want you...

sms 1 [from Y to X]: "she hugged me yesterday and i dint feel a thing.."
sms 2 [from X to Y]: hmm.

does she look you in the eye and tell you how you feel?
does she know You are for real?
does she feel warm and secure in your embrace?
does she feel the fondness in your gaze?

or do you?

do you think of me when she looks at you knowingly?
am i around when the laughter rings clear?
am i there when the smile starts in your lips...am i at the coffee house?
am i there when  you look in her eyes...do you search for me in the mist of her eyes?

did you buy it...or found it lying around?
did you put in your pocket or  tucked somewhere in you....somewhere deep down?

am i lost or am i loosing you?


[i was suggested by someone that i write  a P.S. footer for better understanding of the posts..here goes]
P.S.: X and Y were in love. now they seem to be moving on, away from each other after a breakup. X informs Y of a new girl....


  1. nah...X and Y were in love is somewhat incorrect....X and Y still have feelings for each other...and that's a fact staring at both of them in their faces....only, they choose to ignore that fact...both thinking the same thing..."Am I lost or am I losing you?"

    It's sad...as this thought is the only thing that's making them lose each other...lack of trust as they call it...

    I hope there would be a re-spark, if you will, of love...because that's the only true feeling worthy of existence....


  2. when i wrote this i am afraid they seemed to be afraid of a re-spark.
    a shimmer will burst the cracker and it'll only be ashes then...
    life is long and unpredictable =P

  3. yes, life is unpredictable....but no, you are wrong to say that it is long....and yes, the cracker will burst...and there will be ashes...that will happen to everything that exists in the world....it's the journey you have to enjoy before the final destruction...and if you live in fear, you won't.... so i think they should have tried...there are times when it doesn't work out...but until ur completely sure, never let go.

  4. Confuses me. Seem to be moving on, you say. But Y seems totally in love with X.

    Agree with -dranz3r-, ask Y to leave the fear behind. I believe things can work out, when X didn't feel anything in the hug. Y embrace X and ask if he finds that warm, still.

    (pardon the broken language, just the effort to not confuse Y with you led to the mess)

  5. haha yeah Y is not me entirely =P
    but i will pass on the message =)