18 Dec 2009


a visit to a 'crafts mela' and i am wondering.

1. paper flowers last more, sell more, cost less. they don't wither and die, they last as long as you want them to...the typical sasta sundar mazboot ...they don't leave you, they don't wither and die, is that why they fail to attract as much as a bunch of fresh lilies or sunflowers?
so all good things are good because they come with a limited time period. a city on a holiday looks great,feels great, you tend to explore it more in 10 days than people staying there do in years.

2. a sai temple where the evening 'aarti' is going on, and the chai-cum-paan shop right next to it a lane dividing them...both the places packed with people...people clapping...one on the beats of the 'aarti'  the other on a 'sixer' by someone in blue...
different people,different religions,different gods.

another interesting picture i came along.



  1. there's one thing paper flowers lack...life...
    and the answer to the 'city on a holiday looks great' lies in that picture....yes we do like to hang out with people who're similar to us...but when change comes as we plan it to, we enjoy it as much...for me, delhi would be as boring as studying...but for a tourist, CP's new, qutab minar is new...and well...you get the point....

    abt tht mandir thing....i can't actually explain why people believe in god, but yea, i can surely say that people watching a match would be excited...!!

    interestingly, I've seen people....shop owners...playing cricket with a thapi(the bat you beat clothes with) and a normal ball....just so they could kill time....and every time someone takes someone's wicket, they're more excited than than Shoaib Akthar taking Sachin's wicket in a World Cup final...tht too when sachin was at 99!

    and sorry i wrote my own blog post yahaan!!

    needless to say, later.. :P

  2. yes like all things good, evrything you want, they have that special something, precisely the thing that in a way is a reason for them to go away...

    yes small things,very small things are very exciting, i get excited evrytime i make a phulka which resembles the one in that pilsbury ad, i have perfected that art but it still makes me smile...small achievements =P

    the blog post...i appreciate...be my guest =)

  3. lol....and i could never do that...i tried...but i was never able to make a pilsbury roti!!


    nd thanks...!

  4. like they say try and try (and try) and you will succeed
    ha ha ha!!


  5. you have no idea how hard it is...!! i can cook Italian nd chinese...and a bit of Mexican food....but nope.....roti's are not my cup of tea....so to speak!

  6. haha and out of these i am good only with the rotis and the indianized Chinese-chilly dishes =P

  7. lol....as you said....try and you'll succeed! ;)

  8. Get me some hot chics..please..I am bored!!


  9. @standbymind: investment in eggs should be good for you =P

  10. hmm someday i would love to have that pilsbury by ur hand