random conversation: d3ath left the fly without wings

[scene: two people in opposite ends of the world, two different time zones; have this intellectual conversation]

bored 1 [having the morning cuppa' tea ]: if a fly gets it's wings cut off, would it be called a walk?
bored 2 [having the evening cuppa' tea] : naah, it will be called flied.
bored 1: hmm..

PS : the title's for those who cannot see



  1. roflmao!

    love the machhar and the thing! *forgot what you called that machhar killer*

  2. its a fly!!!

    shaktiman/superman it is difficult to kill flies you see =P

    sorry batman lovers flies nowadays sleep in the night and spider man wouldn't kill his kin will he?

  3. lol...if you think it's difficult to kill flies...watch the hollywood movie "Wanted"....Ms. Jolie is amajing! :P

  4. isn't she a super-hero(ine) who can survive years of pouting otherwise?? =P

    like i said you need *super-powers* whatever she does in the movie requires *sooper-powers*...

  5. lol...! they have a perfectly valid explanation in the movie :P

  6. lol....about the sooper-powers....and through it, the pout! :)

  7. =|
    lets write a paper on Angelina Jolie and her pout and the sooper powers!

  8. There are things called hilarious things. This is one of them ;)

  9. well...NOW this is one of them! :P

  10. Vaga, a request. Please give me ur mail address. Want to be able to share comment replies with you. Hope it's possible, huh.

  11. Hope I don't become a pain the butt for pointing out,

    "Bored 3: Grammatically, it should be a flew."

  12. for argument's sake flied is used only for baseball and yeah you are right 'flied' isn't a proper english word at all.

    bored 2: welcome to the club! =P

  13. bored 1 : I have been bored before...but no water ever comes out! :|


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