9 Jan 2010

realizations 3: boredom blabber =|

I am taking driving lessons.  FINALLY!
It was my first day and the teacher is my baffled brother.
it is OH SO difficult,
i have so much more respect for truck drivers now.
the clutch and the accelerator are too adamant to work as a team, you are right with one but then the second just goes away; the poor break tries to help, but then the middle-man can do only that much....
it is more difficult than the trigonometry chapters in 11th.

well i realized three things aaj:

1. i am a caring person... =)
yeah my brother, mother and 90% of my friends wont agree but well, i refused to reverse the car because there was a BMC  sweeper, sweeping the road behind the car, i didn't want to hurt him.

*and a halo appears on my forehead as i write this*
*angel eyes*

2. it in not the people in particular but the characters they portray that makes them hot, both on reel and real life....the example i gave a friend to exemplify the above realization, who realized the same thing along with me:
vidya balan in kismat konnection (note the 'k) sucked big time.
but in parineeta, ishqiya (well trailors atleast) awesome!! ..

(girl here 'coz it was a dialogue between a straight girl and a straight a guy...who replied *yeah hmm *yeah hmm in both the cases, yah am the girl btw)

(gosh i am pathetic)

3.i am pathetically bored....pathetically! 
i watched and enjoyed  south-park.
what?? don't make a face now, you are pathetically bored too if you actually enjoy watching it.

p.s. the picture is for exemplificatory purposes only, i am not half as cute as she is =P
p.s.1: BTW i dunno if that is even a word.



  1. do you know that you are insane?? lols
    i meant it in a good way though.

    sorry for following u late...finally got my net connection at home :)

    u like SOUTH PARK?
    *blink blink*
    *shoots myself*

    P.S| do go through my other blog (SCRIBBLINGS) too :)
    its way like yours :)

  2. yeah i was bored too..
    but i like reading such random stuff.
    will read further

  3. @ FL: der aae durust aae =P
    the word is eccentrically moody (was that a word again?? =P)
    thanks for stopping by,
    south park has subtle satire too, and it is funny that at times, it turns almost preachy.

    yes i read that too =)

    @ vikas: random it will be!!
    thnks for stopping by. =)

  4. south park's nice...

    and u've done much to the blog! awesome!!

    and driving in India is possibly the best thing in the world....not a minute of it is boring! I drove in U.S. for a bit...and it was pathetic...you get fined for every stupid thing that you can be fined for...for example changing lanes too much!! WTF!

  5. Hi Vaga, sorry m a bit late but. By the way, I took driving lessons too. The teacher sucked. Hey, I was asking if I can create a blog design for you. I would love to :) If you like :)

  6. I think we all get in the mood for south park sometimes.

  7. @dranz3r: thanks =)
    south park is annoyingly nice =P
    you don't know why you like it...but you do.

    i take your word there =D (about the driving)

    @jaky astik: der aae durust aae =P
    did i mention that before??
    my driving teacher rocks =D

    and thanks for the offer, will tell you when i run out of ideas =) keep that one on hold!

    @ tapas: i googled him up...will go through.
    thnks for stopping by =)

    @christopher: yeah, you bet!!
    thnks for stopping by and staying on =)

  8. Bhupi's teaching you driving? Isn't he newly into it too? The last time i saw him drive, he stalled the car thrice(three times, i've been told that there's some grammatical error in using thrice, bleh anyway) and was skeptic when to start moving in the traffic. Novice, just like me.
    All that happening made me think so, i might be wrong.


  9. hello!

    yeah he is, he has all the patience a person needs to have to teach me how to drive, i quit after one session though =P

    he is good. a lot time has passed after u saw him drive i guess.

  10. Come on! South Park is awesome! You don't have to be either pathetic or bored or both to enjoy that!