29 Jan 2010


why do Indian families PREFER arranged marriages?
because they have a royal family background!!
all girls are princesses and boys princes.

 ok ok ... let me be a little more explicit.
look at any royal family, the bride is more than often chosen by the family, if not there is a huge uproar...and the whole family working also follows the footsteps of any royal family.
WELL i was watching this movie *fire and ice* it involves a royal family, a rebellious princess and a lot of fantasy, dragons and a good looking knight etc etc.
 the princess was constantly bossed around by her mother, like any ANY Indian mother. 
 "you are a princess, they are not supposed to behave like this,"
" you are a princess you are not supposed to eat like this"

baaki figure out yourself.

this idea suddenly struck me yesterday, it feels ok now.
why marriage?
a friend of mine got her marriage date finalized.
AND with 'M' question to be put on table by parents anytime now and not a knight at sight...THIS gives me relief =P

yeah ok am bored, there is nothing better to do, but this nonsense seems to make a lot of sense to me.
but well i wish they just banned marriage.



  1. Abe tare liye to Varun Hai na! usko pakad and your work is done. What else do you need?

  2. oh please, jaky grow up!!!!
    mazak b nahin samajhta hai yaar!!!
    teri le rahe they ham log...

  3. Eureka!
    remember who said that??? Archimedes...it was something related to water and his discovery innit??? haven't u discovered that water can be used for drowning people??? people like......blank blank blank! :P

  4. I will kill you Vega! how can you do this to me??? matlab....double timing?? jab se pata chala ki I was doing it, you started it too?!?!? come on re! you had better ways to take revenge!!




  5. @ danz3r aka varun: nahiiin nahiin nahiiin!!!!

    oye teen baar talaq bolne se talaq hojata hai teen baar anhin bolungi to sab wapas normal hojaega na

  6. Okay, so that was a game, huh?

  7. hahahahahahahahaha.....roflmao....nahin! ab sab khatam...tum jaao apne naye boyfriend ke saath...and main chala apni nayi girlfriend ke saath...! btw...wo tumse hot hai.... *stick out tongue smiley face* *waving hand with thumb on the sticking out tongue*

    jao....ab hume zindagi bhar dukhi na karna! :P

  8. areeee....jaky bhai ka comment....issi dusht ne mujhe VEGA se milwaya tha....saale kutte kamine !@#!$!$%!, jab tujhe pata tha ki wo double timing pasand nahi karegi toh tune usse kaha hi kyon??
    Meri zindagi barbaad kar di nalayak ne! :P

  9. oh please!!
    oh please!!

    kaise aise kar sakte ho aap??
    kaise na nibhaoge sath!!!

    bleh bleh!!!bahut filmy ho gaya re!!

    ab bas!!!!

  10. @ jaky: abhi tak question hai bondhu?

  11. nahin! kal hi humne Sherlock Holmes dekhi hai....

    ab humare desktop ka wallpaper hai Rachel McAdams and youtube pe gaana chal raha hai "Zara tasveer se tu, nikal ke saamne aa, meri mehbooba".....ab hume kisi aur se pyaar ho gaya hai...ab hum apni current gf ko bhi bhaga denge...! :P

  12. You think you have it bad ?? 3 of my classmates got married this year and 4 more friends are getting married next year.

    And we are not even 21 yet !

    P.S i joined this gym last week and the female filling out the form there asks me "Are you married or single?"


  13. Why lord?? why???

    besides, that also is illegal.

    what was that f(i)email's age?
    'coz she might be plain flirting with you before her 'D' day or planning to book you for future =P

    P.S. Are you married or single?
    *looking at you curiously*

  14. Why ? i honestly have no idea.... parents on neurotic/ hallucinogenic drugs maybe ?

    illegal ? well thats how they do most of the things here !

    and just for the record I AM SINGLE people .. why would i get married ?!!

  15. alright, alright!!!
    you don't have to sheik!!!
    *finger in the ear*