26 Jan 2010


we can draw inspiration ONLY  from new blokes in bollywood.
new MILE SUR is nice . but how nice can it be when it actually stands for:
 *PMS mera tumhara*
well so what if it was un-inspiring..too long...and nothing like the original; but well did its part showed how pretty and patriotic our bolyywood STARS are.
and thnaks to the news channels for telling us the names of the bollywood stars who got the padma awards but well yeah Six Padma Vibhushans, 43 Padma Bhushans and 81 Padma Shris are, also,  being awarded this year. 

Yes i will watch a Bollywood movies today laced with the patriotic fervor, routine song and dance and yeah pretty people.
 as  a gentle man comments on the celebration of RD parade:
"this day gives a heady romance to every indian and it should be celebrated"

nothing like the magic of this *old* wine....

happy republic day people.

update: http://krishashok.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/mile-sur-mera-tomorrow-fail/    this guy explains it all explicitly !!



  1. The best is I guess, Vande Mataram by Rehman. though all are best according to patriotosm.

  2. omg omg... i fucking love you for this !!

    and where in gods name did you find this video ?!! i am linking this article on my blog !

  3. @jaky: how can all songs be best?

    @weirdo guy: love u back =P
    and about the video...just googled it.