14 Jan 2010

Death stands above me whispering low/i know not what into my ear/of his language all i know is/ there is not a word of fear- Walter Savage Landor

applaud..yes applaud the newest kill.
it fired me up. it gave me the thrills.
i walked over to walk up to again.
i passed by a thousand times.
i hammered in the nails in the coffin and buried my past.
the rust and the worms inside the clayey me; catalyzed by the inability to hold gave way,

gave way and the ghosts returned to haunt the glee.

the damning recluse's existence marred with self-induced misery.
the virgin’s fucked up without the penetration.
raped off of the music...of the dance of the soul.
i laugh at the mirror...i laugh at god's mockery.
the beautiful skin, the smile, the eyes and nothing at all to see.

embracing the corpses of ethics i slayed all my way.
i sign parchments of confessions as i lay there dead.


  1. whatever you let go of, don't ever let go of your ethics...because it's just the ethics that make you....a set of limiting rules, as I say... :)

  2. i swore by them; now i don't swear at all;
    the light flickered for a while, it is steadfast now

    you slay ethics, there is nothing more left to you, nothing more left about you that is human enough. you'd rather lay there dead.

  3. aha! i just wanted to argue the other side....! you are wrong...a man can forge himself anew if he wants to..! :)

    forgetting what you were is the wrong bit....because by forgetting where you got from where you are, you might reach the same place again....which would mean you're only progressing...negatively! :)

  4. point taken. =)
    just for argument's sake refer the comment before =P

  5. gah poetry again... (not that i am in a position to criticise it considering that i know squat about it)

    P.S the last few lines reminded me of evanescene's 'everybody's fool'... weird huh ?

  6. Late Again. Sorry, it was uttarayan today so was flying kites.

    Tell you someting, I rarely understand your poems fully. This is the first one I guess like something got inside my head ;) pray I am right.

  7. @ wierdo guy:you will find loads of them =P
    never heard the track will =)

    @jaky: you understood this and not the one before?
    you are all turned around eh?
    hi hi..kidding.
    poems are like that, everybody has a different interpretation, it says different things to different people.

  8. Dark, exciting and beautiful. I love it.