3 Jan 2010

my dark resolutions !!

my second tag there!!!

tagged by : standby mind..
i am supposed to jot down my 5 dark resolutions for the year. so here goes.

1. i want to finish a full bottle of vodka, get high, dance like mad and sing zombie =|.

2.i want to erase the memory of  people i have hurt who i am too arrogant to say sorry to but am dying to settle matters. =|

3. i want to abuse and curse 5 people i won't name.  

4. i want to dance on lady gaga's paparazzi and embarrass a hottie in my college.

5. i want to start a rumor. it is silly but i have never been party to any or started any. =|

there goes. alright now i pass it on to everybody who has read this...who haven't been already tagged by standby.



  1. Your first one matches mine. I want to get totally drunk, totalllly. Just once in my life, though.

  2. Yo gal..this is the shit I am talkin about!


    I hope all of em get fulfilled!!


  3. your first new year resolution was the way how i started my new year! :P and i've done 5th! and 2nd and 3rd and.....oh wait....are they your dark resolutions or my life's fun experiences written out there?? :P

  4. i have done 1st but all in parts at different occasions =)...want to do it together at once =P
    have done 3rd thus the need of the 2nd =P

    lolz thnks =)

  5. I would love to do the first one with you. ;) And I was drunk on the 31st night/1st early morning, but not with vodka. So when is the plan?! :)

  6. aww...sooo cuteeeeeee ! ur dark side is so cute =) lolzzzzzzzz

  7. <hope da sarcasm gets registered =P)

  8. @sameer: i would do 1 with someone who would know if i would go to the hospital or back home =P

    @juggernaut: thnak you!!

    @juggernaut: really???
    can't believe you had to ensure that you sounded sarcastic =|

  9. hahahhaa.............watta ramblings.....amazing resolutions...

  10. hmm we should get togather then

  11. @ neer: thanks =)

    @ rasmita: you bet!! cant wait =)

  12. point 1- check

    point 2(the old one) - check

    point 3- check

    point 4- oh hell no.. i aint doing that !

    point 5- multiple checks (revenge IS sweet you see !)

    go get 'em tiger !

  13. =)
    thnks for stopping by.

    you are tagged too!!

  14. Yeah yeah we will keep some non drinker with us... I have done that couple of times.... :P

    So vodka your fav?

    BTW this comment under the post thing doesn't work in FF I suppose.

  15. Why do i have a feeling that these things have already happened? You went to a bar..started drinking to erase the memory of some person..then got so drunk that you started dancing like mad..got tired n sat down to relax and started a gossip and cursed 5 people and then 2 embarrass some hottie in your college you started a strange rumor! Please excuse my weird(wild) imagination..but if it is true then that's a lame way to mask your wrong deeds! Dark side..very dark indeed! :P

  16. !!!!!
    this comment actually is better than the post =P

  17. Any updates on this one? :D

  18. i have been thinking for a few moments and nothing struck...does this mean i am the enlightened one as i always claim?:P

  19. @ krish: it might mean something else entirely =P

  20. The song I sing with my friends when m drunk...Zombie!!! Serendipity ;)