6 Jan 2010

we fall and how


A word to the wise:

 "If you love the poetry, buy the book..
.. Don't fall for the poet"

it is so wrong to assume that the creator of  a beautiful piece of art is bound to be as beautiful or more beautiful than the art itself.
art maybe an exaggeration of a tiny fragment of his, maybe the beauty is secluded to remain till that, maybe the beauty finishes there with that fragment.

the beauty of the art remains forever, the finesse' of the artist may fade with time.

....it feels so light now....

P.S: i just wanted to record this line



  1. I fear, this is damn true! and practical!

  2. @vega gosh !! wow wht a beautiful note!! it's actually practically true!! :P

  3. @jaky and @danz3r:
    sach...achal, atal, atbhut
    filmy enough eh?

  4. so true...the art stays...the artist may fade away

  5. You read it on the comments page of my blog.

    Interestingly, I dont know who wrote it in the first place. But now that you've explained it here, I am closer to the original intention of the anonymous commentator perhaps.

    Interesting blog, this. I follow now!

  6. @juggernaut: =)

    @taangled up in blue: yes i did. i fell in love with the line. makes so much sense doesn't it?
    thanks =)

  7. i somehow believe in something quite contrary to what you have written..the artist is more beautiful than the art..

  8. i quote from Before Sunrise:

    Celine says:
    "i believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any one of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there is any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it is almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt.."

    so actually neither the art or the artist, the whole momentum and the dynamics of it is beautiful...
    i chose the lesser evil, art is an attempt to record beauty, successful art just about manages at that...

    the artist well...

    the archer art thou,play cupid or hawk-eye!
    thanks for stopping by =)

  9. creator and creation are eternally debatable entities...while one is a source of greatness, the other represents greatness itself..like a loop, you cannot decide which one to adore..all you can do is encircle yourself in the ring of magic !!

  10. i choose to love something that never leaves my side...too much angst. i'd buy the music, but would not risk coming near the musician, i'd rather have a romantic projection which says he is the awesome-st person around,

    for me its better to have loved and cherished a dream rather than kill myself with the angst of yet another loss...

  11. I guess very similar to the river and the waterfall. A river creates something magical in the form of a waterfall, gorgeous, something we have to bow to. Look at what the river does after that? It doesn't remain great all the time. At times, it lets some dumb a$% wash his a$% too.