1 Jan 2010

kill me but then let me die.

 i walked without fears under pouring skies, over drenched asphalt.
 i walked for her; i walked to her.
she met me halfway on the street.

she gave me an umbrella and took my hopes away.
she did my bed and took my sleep away.

do apologies ever suffice?
does time ever heal?
are decisions ever the right ones.
is she worth all this pain?



  1. "do apologies ever suffice" !!

    love this line...sparks of brilliance

  2. no one is worth the pain....being serious about someone is stupid...they wake up one day feeling everything was stupid.... so no point...

    and i like that line "she did my bed and took my sleep away"!

  3. wish the bubble never bursts...if it does burst it should for both at once.
    'coz when one is out of delusion and other is not you can't live with and can't leave without.

  4. Vega, I guess when you get to think deeper and to the core, there is nothing like right or wrong, good or bad. It's just our way of defining it.

  5. agreed. it is all shades of grey as they say.

  6. You are tagged pal!


    Do your thing!

    Happy New Year!

  7. ...the pain is always worth it (pain makes one stronger), for it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
    Time is a good healer!

  8. Apologies are not suffice cause it cannot be measured.

    time is good healer but it depends are we allowing time to heal it.

    'is she worth all this pain'..statement itself is painful.