10 Aug 2010

its time.

you have to get a life when:

1. your mom get more phone calls than you do (landline and the mobile phone combined)
2. you consistently check the phone for messages even when it is on the *GENERAL* mode and you have clearly not heard a *BEEP*
3. when you have 10 drafts in your mobile phone, 15 saved half written *txt files in your *POETRY IS A WAY OF THINKING* folder and you are lines away from them making any sense.
4. when your mom asks you to get up and get a life. your teacher calls you and says you are lazy in the head and there is actually a lot to do and you do nothing.
5. when you log in/log out without any new chat convos, FB updates, mails and sigh.
6. when the weather is perfect outside, a movie theatre streaming 5 movies at a time is a walk away and you still sit at home wailing that you have no one to go to a movie with.
7. when you are half asleep through the day, half awake through the night.
8. when you are mad at some one and do not even know the reason why.
9. when you actually check the watch 3 times in a single hour and wonder if it is actually working. the clock hands just do not move.
10. when you watch a tamil version of munnabhai mbbs trying to imitate the actors language and end up more pissed.
11. when you make up random conversations in your head and then think over them so many times that they almost look like they were for real.
12. when you wake up telling yourself *nothing good happens after 2 a.m.* almost every single morning now.

get a life, like NOW.


  1. happens to me all the time.. :| try getting a life..if you do, lemme know how u did it..gud luck :)

  2. felt like i was jottin down these points

  3. "trying to imitate the actors language"
    do u really try this ?

  4. @wildflower: we all find our own answers. i m so sure u know that.

    @mayz: hmmm.

    @lehra: haan be...i really did.

  5. i wonder if the image means, life is available at "close quarters" or it means, it doesn't cost much..hmm..i thnk it costs quite a bit really..