18 Aug 2010

not anyone you know.

i have been mulling over this and i think calling myself Vagabond is not exactly right.
Vagabond was a name that struck me and stuck to me due to THIS amazing poem by R.L.Stevenson.
i am in love with the poem and the message.

but of late i think i have become a person who does not live up to life.
someone who is not living up to the promises made to self, to others, pining for, looking for things that seem/are distant, hanging in-between, a Vagabond does not, it marches ahead, is comfortable with the today as much as with the yesterdays and tomorrows. i am not and i chose this.

i am more of a *gullible cynic*, yes i know, a paradox in its own way.
i just do not know myself anymore, do not know anyone who knows me or wants to.
i am just the puddle in the rain, who is special and beautiful only at times.
just like someone you don't know.
just *nOt anyone you know*


  1. you know what? I checked my blog archives from two years back and found your comment there...I am really happy that you are still writing...most people have given up...

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. The last line was a statement, no a declaration. I liked it... :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. been a while since i was on yours.
    glad you found me =)

  4. yeah. something like that.
    subtle observation me likes. =)

  5. nOt anyone you know
    provoking, i must say~!