27 Aug 2010

wishlist 2

a lover's sigh
the smell of  your hair after you've shampoo-ed (especially in the rainy afternoons)
ice-cream for lunch and sweet-corn(on cob)
a half-read book on your bed (which you actually intend on finishing)
reminiscence of happy times. 
your friend who has known you for years just a phone call away, no guilt, no regrets. 
your friend who has known you for years saying that you are one person i thought who would do something with her life. 
you sit there and think. 


  1. I think the last one should have a prompt reply.
    "Hey you call yourself my friend? Then how can you expect such a horrible thing from me? Me, Utilizing my life in a sane way? Nah...I bet you knew me better"