27 Aug 2010

realizations: there i go again!

OK now there is this new realization, that has been on my mind since long but then anything that takes me away from what i love does not, AT ALL, go well with me.
1. the theory is that to be a happy person (yes fellas i am not bipolar, it is just that melancholy is my favorite vice) you have to be around happy people and listen to happy songs.
 sad songs depress you ALWAYS. period.
 nostalgia is not always unhappy and that good songs that have so formed your childhood (yeah the stupid one's as well) make you happy.
the corollary: well so that means you choose to be happy or unhappy but then to that i say , like calvin says, vice is not for better or worse, vice is just different than virtue.
'cut the crap honey!'
'eeee i know!!' 
so the long story short, i make my choices...it was melancholy a week back and, well, it is for the happier me today.
yeah another realization, 2. you know you are getting better with people when you earn sweet nicknames =D

i just love this track, this is one of my happy childhood memories:

realization 3, yeah i just found out, internet has no secrets, or well, yeah that also could mean i am famous ;)


  1. If nothing in this world, at least your post made me smile.

    By the way I have a doubt, considering I have no collection of my childhood songs, how do I get a shot at happiness?

  2. =D so did your comment =)
    well u can write to me or watch this space i'll fill in with a lot of songs =)

  3. i too love strawberry aankhein.. :P