21 Aug 2010

hala ka ukulele, momma made a baby

there are so many things in life that are beautifully described by Calvin-Hobbes.

like so many respectable people who are the talk of the town, who take up hours of prime time discussion on the very respectable 'news' channels. need exactly what Calvin here is selling. 
( it will be the dream job!!)

and i wrote a small letter to Mr. Bill Watterson,

Dear Mr. Bill,

thank you for Calvin and Hobbes.
thank you for telling us that intelligence is not the property of the self-professed-intellectuals.
it is inherent, innate.
it is a true genius who 'is', and is happy to 'be'.
thanks for telling us that it is always better to look at life with a little wacky point of view.
thank you for telling us that Hobbes being life like for Calvin is just as true as it being a stuffed toy for his parents.

loads of it,
all Calvin and Hobbes fans.

and hooked to THIS track!!
(just in case you are wondering about the title)

and in the depths of winter i realized within me lay an invincible summer. 


  1. I loved the title VB:-)
    And the cartoons justify the write up!:-)

  2. Yupp Alien intelligence is developed enough not to contact any of us...maybe someday we'll grow intelligent that we contact them. :P

  3. @suruchi: all with good reason =P

    yeah hopefully we do!