12 Aug 2010

well yet another list. (which kinda adds to all the hoola of *nothing good happens after 2 am)

The *DO NOT* list of things for a die-hard-romantic:
(read as a confused cynic on the verge of being a misanthrope who is in love with love and hence  tends to forget the *need of another person* part in between and then realises the lacuna at a very bad time)
1. DO NOT listen to romantic songs, especially ones that reminds you of someone(s)/some time/some place.
2. DO NOT watch  'LOVE STORY'
3.DO NOT ask questions whose answers you know.
4. DO NOT stay up after 10 pm.
5. get a life. [so do this unlike what is written on the opening line (ok sue me it is 3 AM and i am posting/scribbling, you sure did not expect me to make sense)]

and now, to top the list of the umpteen realizations there are these:
1. do not...DO NOT...let anyone know how much they are important, gives them ample sleep and makes you insomniac.
2. you want people who do not want you; people who want you, you do not want them. yes it is a triangle. you end up loosing face and loosing a friend/confidant.
and that brings me to the third
3. life is a two faced screwdriver (yeah it is a special kind), screws you whichever side you are.


  1. LOL. From this entire list I agree the best with the last one. Big time agree!!

  2. Whoa VB...
    I love the list...makes total sense to me...
    How much of it are you following btw?
    Get back on ur feet n get rocking again!

  3. well since i did not follow any of these and had the realisatiopns, i listed the things out. but well i am pathetically incorrigible, i do the same things everyday =|
    no answer will be none =(