a known stranger

i close my eyes
  imagine u
  and that face pops up
  you are a moment.
  a moment that is blissful
  now i m making a full hour of it
of bliss
  it is hazy and misty
  and has lots of rain
  and a windowpane
  where you and me sit
  watching the rain drops
  just that
  and the best part is we cannot see each other
  you don't see me neither do i
  i am in your embrace...
  you are holding me'tight.
  and i feel you, feel you feeling me

you feel me?


  1. he sure does! nice refreshing template.. :)

  2. if someone is being felt like that how can he not feel you

    ah such pure and raw emotions...only you are capable of expressin them

  3. Beautiful expression of the physically invisible emotions.
    I love it!

  4. @wildflower: u seem sure =P thnks =)

    @aMayZing: how can he not feel me...hmmm. he has a big fat rule book...we keep exchanging it from time to time...

    @Zave: =) thnks! i love the moment...

  5. ask him to get rid of the big fat rule book now that he hath you :) and i too love Zave's comment..

  6. heheh...wildflower i think it is for the best! =P

  7. template is gud and so is the post :)

    he has to feel u.....

  8. has to??
    naah too much pressure =P


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