8 Oct 2010

Damn you! you hot voice on the radio.

These people on the radio are real marketing geniuses. AND DAMN YOU! YOU HOT VOICE ON THE RADIO. 

Okay before I get damning him again let’s get a little background on the issue.

While single guys sell their asses and sleep it is the single girls who generally lay awake.
Ditto in my case. 
Yes. I lay awake at night people, am a fighting and surviving and re-fighting insomniac.
There are only a few things that help me go off to sleep, music and books and a nice sugar-coated-honey-dipped-thick-as-a-chocolate-cream-voice

I just need 3 to 4 pages of a book to see me at my snoring and snorting best ( I am an avid reader, but then I love classics only for the fact that they act as sleeping pills for me, and mind you, *love in time of cholera* works wonders for me…P.S. even though I could survive only the first 90 pages of the book, many of my friends think it is a feat! ). 

Music yes, come night when I am ready to fight my way to sleep, with lights off, I need music. I generally have one nice slow number on repeat and before I know, I am asleep.
Last night I thought I’d try the radio. Yes folks that damned radio. It was a Thursday night, a love song night (give me some credit to this I chance discovered it), and boy oh boy they play these amazing tracks and there is something about the tracks being played to you, tracks sound much better when they are actually played to you and add mush to that and add the voice to that!!
Okay, when I like something I have to say it, so I sent in a sms on the show. 
I mentioned the song I wanted to hear and complimented him on the voice.
He called me back! (and no i did not know they call you back when you send in an sms, so imagine the surprise)
And boy oh boy does he have THE voice!! It sounded much better on the phone people ;)

now i am afraid, i'll turn out to be someone like this.
damn you!, you hot voice on the radio.

Anyways, that having said and 3 phone calls later (he was on and off air, he had a job to do) I was drained out of all the sleep that I could have slept. I did finally sleep last night though (phew!) when? I am not sure.
Damn you hot voice, for you completely upturned my belief system, it was music and the sugar-coated-honey-dipped-thick-as-a-chocolate-cream-voice that helped me sleep, and i was awake last night ONLY because of those things.   

and then when i mentioned the incident to a friend, he simply said it would be an automated call back service. 
damn you!  you hot voice on the radio. =|


  1. Aha revelation, I thought I bored people to sleep,
    now I think its my voice... :P
    Guess I'll try my tongue at the radio

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  3. Woah.. so having a hot voice helps eh ???

    *makes note*

  4. Kill me if you wanna after listening to this, but I have read 'love in the time of cholera' - start to finish. How? At work. :D

    Yes, one ca be jobless at work - to finish the entire twilight series at work - and that jobless to finish the suck punch of a book called 'love in the time of cholera' too!

  5. BA try your tongue!!! hehehe =P
    abhi tak pun samajh nahin aaya?

    Sravan the train sirens are also musical to the people you are coming home to.

  6. Mr.Happy agree at damning or agree at the hot voice?
    P.S. happy that you are back =D

    W.G. wha....(aaaaa)....ttttt????
    YOU ARE BACK!!! and I didn't even have to ask you to read this!!
    btw a hot voice helps in keeping awake or sleepy? what did u infer? =P

  7. Pallavini Di

    OMG! i had the experience of being jobless at work last year (and jobless without work now =| ) but then, THE WHOLE TWILIGHT(stressing on the WHOLE again) series (are they worse than the movies? i cannot even dare to look that way)
    and Love in Time of Cholera(!!!!!!)
    i won't kill you, but for me you have become immortal!

    no really!


  8. lol u r single ...???
    now y dont i believe tat