13 Oct 2010

the mayhem

Have you ever seen a bridge?
focus on how the whole thing stands up in tension the long strands as if holding up the whole weight.
Amazing how the asphalt shines under the street light almost a silvery sheen to it, when the cars pass over it. The bark of a tree, the brown and black lines on its surface marking those years and months and days…no, even small plants have those lines in the bark, the rough texture, it is beautiful. The whole place is thriving, there is noise and crowd all around you, and the sea, the sea though is calm, silent, the most overwhelming in the crowd.

no don't call me when you walk on the streets, face at the empty asphalt streets.
don't wish i was there when there is a pang you feel, don't look for me when it feels too real.
for it is my time now to crawl walk that mile
my time to fall back, to stop the fight. 
it is my time to stand up, falling on my limbs, to break, to fall, to crawl, to crave.
it is me who will stage the farce, it is me who now leads, who fakes. 
it is my time to shine now
arise for me, you lowly dust, arise as i shine, shine my brightest when i burst out in flames.


  1. thanks for the last post of forbidden comments.

    every single fucking day i think i will call it quits

  2. somehow, teh words brought to mind the dream world that di cap walks ellen page into for teh first tyme :)NICEEEE

  3. You are getting super observant VB,
    A new mood or a new mode?:-)
    A deep touch to your many hues:-)