27 Oct 2010

oh night thou shall pass.

i spent a lot of time, trying to write something right from my heart.
realized there is nothing much in there now...i was thinking about the line below through the day, thought will post this instead:

" There are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they've left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there's nothing... but empty space and silence. "
-Jane, someone like you


  1. The priceless memories they leave behind is worth the empty space and the silence.

  2. :) was that for me>? cos im jane too ;) well, on a serious note, ive had that happen to me, n there's nothing that can kill the heart worse than that!

  3. why u always write abut relationships ??

  4. The last lines are beautiful... the distance becomes invisible 'cause there's nothing but ether before the space!!!

  5. Go, leaving all you've known
    You are not alone

  6. @sravan: nothing is worth it. honestly.

    @Jane: hehe if you think so =P
    and i agree.

  7. @Mr Happy: do you know how many one liners i have for that question you asked??
    NO i am not giving them out.
    you REaLLY need a guided tour through my blog.
    btw you were on my last post too hai na...

    ...kya karte ho!

  8. @ Tanvi and Aria: hey good to see you here! =)

    @BA: you ALWAYS have a song don't you!!