5 Oct 2010

ek choti si love story

Have you ever looked at the animal kingdom and wondered at the wonder? 

I did ONCE but of late, well, I haven't. 
I confess I am not an animal lover, but then there are many things that I don't like that I have to see, that I see.
Then there are also other things that I like when I see them. Now there is a huge window in my room, from where I can see the moon!! 
(wah wah!!)
(Okay, no, really i see no moon from here)
No, but there is this amazing love story that I am witness to right outside my window almost every single day...

Presenting the:

 Lafanga pigeon and the Chuimui pegion ki prem kahaani!

Now this is what happens:
Lafanga and Chuimui walk across the window sill every day, without fail.
This is their idea of 'dating' as I would say.
She is your typical girl. She knows he is following her, yet she will walk, half run half hop. But no, never fly away.
(Secretly loving ALL the attention she is getting =P)

Lafanga never misses a chance; he follows her…every day.
They just walk from one point to the other and when she gets tired of walking, or maybe when she becomes aware of me staring at them awestruck, she just flies away and our hero follows suit.... 

One day in the life of Lafanga and Chuimui

then there was today when Lafanga did not turn up, she came in as usual...she looked everywhere for him...

just wishing Lafanga turns up this time around... because well:


  1. You have created a superb story among that pigeons....i too agree with you pigeons have feelings too

  2. I hope he turns up, that idiot. And you, VB are doing a great job :) thankyou!

  3. :) kabotar ja ja ja- poor igeons are outta feelings n work now, thanks to email

  4. Beautiful piece...
    your balcony is quite a happening place. he's quite a persistent pigeon 'lafanga', doesn't stop following her at all...

    :) :D

  5. Era=D hope your era thrives! =P

    Wildflower he did just after she flew away!

    Jane hehe!! poor lost souls... wait they still have a job, crapping on cars!

    BA oh you bet it is!!! =D

  6. wIldflower thank YOU (for the compliment), what are you thanking me for?