31 Oct 2010


i looked into the mirror that night. 
just like that. 
the face hidden, nothing else but eyes.

i have beautiful eyes. 

they stared back at me. 
was i staring at them, or they staring back at me?
was it the other way round? 

i was as if in a trance.
 looking on.
like meditation.
like something beyond that.

it did not turn misty like it did before. 
i was aware of something,

 too aware to go beyond it, away from it to gain perspective maybe. 

i was struck by something i am unaware of. 
someone looked back at me, someone i did not recognize.

there was something amiss. 
something somewhere amiss.
or maybe there has been too much that i had not kept up with. 

i was looking at me, as if i was looking at someone else. 

what does this mean anyways?

i am not making sense.


  1. and I asked it finally, 'Hello, I think I know you, you have eyes like me...I think we've met before

    And they said...
    'look closer, I am you'

  2. I think it means that there is just so much the mind wants to see and behold and perceive.

    Life is so like any other journey - from a buoying lil frantic ship on unruly waves it eventually does simmer down to a still lake, then shakes a lil sometime.

    I like this post.

  3. i think ya need glasses or have cataract or your mirror is foggy :D if none of teh above, you're haunted, n teh 'OTHER BEING'S'eyes are what ya're looking into..

  4. W-o-w you really are on a updating spree aren't you ??!

    you go girl !

    P.S i SO didn't grumble about insanity

  5. Hey...
    I don’t agree with you that you are not making sense...
    You are making great sense...
    And I have to agree with you when you say you have beautiful eyes,
    Coz you really do...
    Amazing pic this is:-)

  6. Gothic ! Good write-up ... Reminded me of Amy Lee (Evanescence)

  7. Nicely penned...
    A good piece..

    ( I need help with inspiration...do help if you can...then only I will be able to post)

  8. @Babaji: (=P) umm...not sure yet.

    Pallavini Di: i think i was kinda waiting for u to say something on it.

  9. @Jane: Now THAT is a totally wHaCked out point of view
    (surprisingly does make sense...OMG! I am living in a haunted house!!) =P

  10. W.G.: it was Sunday and i was BORED. Had thought that i would post some more...but i stopped at this. =P

    Suruchi: you have the sweetest words, don't u =D

  11. Mayank and i take that as a compliment.

    Aman (Now that i know that you are called that =P) there is not enough inspiration here either...but some say, the greatest inspiration is life itself. =)