7 Oct 2010

knowing,thinking, reaffirming.

there are so many things that you learn about yourself. everyday. ever single fucking day.
but then you have to make sure that you know that about yourself, before anyone else does.
but then that is you, live with it.
oh hell.
.live with it.


  1. This is something to think about.

  2. i heard this line in some movie i saw, it said you always realize something when it is already too late.

  3. Come
    As you are
    As you were
    As I want you to be

    As a friend
    As an old enemy
    Take your time
    Hurry up
    The choice is yours
    Don't be late
    Take a rest
    As a friend
    As an old memoria

    Dowsed in mud
    Soaked in bleech
    As I want you to be
    As a trend
    As a friend

    When I swear that I don't have a gun
    No I don't have a gun

    Sachhi mein, neither do we have a license. :P

  4. =D
    sahi time pe sahi baat! keep yourself safe ok.

  5. there are so many things about you which build your memories and by the time you realize those things about yourself from those memories, you have changed..what a f***ing tragedy !!

  6. :) i know i m schizo n once again, y am i tellin ya tat? cos i know ya wanna kill me :p

  7. one schizo to another, i don't know when i wrote it. ;)