2 Oct 2010

Of Blogging, Marriage, TV actors and THE building!

Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage? Do I know it yet, well no I don’t. But not to worry Vodaphone has decided to answer that for me. there is this certain someone(thing) sitting in the vodaphone office (my soul mate’s better half I guess) who sent me an sms asking me to send an overpriced sms to a number which will send me another sms (grrr!!) back  telling me how exactly I will get married. Isn’t life so damn easy?

I have loads to tell. Yes. There was a lull period here, loads of melancholy blah blah..
The time when my blog resembled ‘banjar dharti’ .
I was speaking to a friend about things in general, when I got an important life lesson…excerpts:

A: You should have added a shout-box.
B: I had one...
     I’m planning to revamp the whole thing,there was a lot on the blog
     Now it looks like a widow,  it looks sad hai na?
A: actually, it looks like someplace else not sad to me
B: someplace else?
A: seen the movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Bruce Almighty? The place at the edge of the world, it was white; all white
B: aha!!!

[don’t sue me I have taken permissions to quote the same =P]

See, and I was given a lesson on looking at the glass half full just like that! 
and now I am growing plants here ;)

There are perks of living in an apartment building in the city. Not only you get to live around hot looking men, whom you chance discover on a ‘function-in-the-building’ (Lal Bahadur Shastri ji ki jayanti boss) when they flirt with you in front of your mom (guess who blushed more ;) ) 

realization: guys who wear yellow T-shirts with yellow slippers can be charming =P

Mom offered me to come with her to watch THE Rajni-OMG-why-doesn't-he-rest-now-kant's and A-ice-maiden-come'on-you-are-romancing-RAJNI(really??)-warya's SCI-FI (ROFLMAO!!) flick and I politely(!!!!) refused.
No, just saying. 


  1. My operator is trying to convince me that they know, 'Munni kyun badnaam hui'...

    too bad, I know already... mere liye badnaam hui :P

  2. damn these operators! did u send an overpriced sms to know kyun badnaam hui??

  3. Haha....I am loving the new you! The blog, the fun posts et all!

    I saw a guy once with a white shirt denims n yellow n green sneakers. Adorable!

  4. And oh, my mom wants to see that movie too. Maybe I send her over?? :P

  5. the new me! wah that is a sad thing and a good thing to hear at the same time (pucho kaise?)
    it was fun pehle, someday i will take you to the fun me! =P
    and oh please send aunty over!! my mom is adamant and you know how adamant mom's are!! i had to see dabangg,(note the extra 'g', rumors are THAT is the reason for the films success)ab i'll have to see ROBOT as well.

  6. Yena rascala hamra rajni anna ke bare me anab shanab bakti..hm tumara blog close kar dalti.rajni kant kya nariyal bechnewala he.pura tamil nadu tumko sue karega.longlive rajni anna

  7. nice to see you writin again, your posts are more fun but somewhere down-below the underlying VB remains!

    And ya..yellow looks good on guys..some guys! =)

  8. Sravan I am shit scared!!

    Wildflower it always takes a 'YOU' to understand a 'ME'.