"i'll go"
rok lo ab ke jana nahin hai. aankhen munde raaton ko kho jate hain
  subah chehra zara aur dhundhlata hai....
 din me apni talaash par jaate hain
  na makaam hai pata... raste ki khabar

theherte hi nahin, gawate chale jate hain....kuch kehte kehte ruk jate hain...khud ko khokar wapas chale aate hain....

"batorte ho hamko raaton ko, neende gawa kar
                  raaste bataoge?"
"nahin""...musafir main bhi hun, humsafar ban jaunga"


  1. Prison gates won't open up for me
    On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'...
    Show me what it's like
    To be the last one standing
    And teach me wrong from right
    And I'll show you what I can be

    And I'll leave this life behind me
    Say it if it's worth saving me...


  2. how do i hack your mind? don't you like have the best taste in music (and lyrics) =P

  3. Winding road .... Always makes you wonder which turn would lead to 'life' ... always the same crossroads.

    Do listen to 'winding road' frm the movie 'garden state' .. You'll love it.


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