22 Oct 2010


YES my blog is officially malicious now

As of you who have had the guts to break that RED WALL with the huge warning to not, NOT, get into my blog, all I can say is, bhai bahut zyada Rambo-giri dikhane ki zarurat nahin hai, PC crash ho gaya to???
But now that you are here, you might as well pay for it. It is complete randomness, like I made sense pehle kabhi.
Umm, for all US, dyslexic people ( I call myself that all the time,because of the power of making spelling mistakes vested in me by my language teachers who thought they’d  have no marks to award me if they deducted marks per word ) random is a gravely funny word.

Yes, you can have so many random thoughts all of them making sense. Major discoveries are outcomes of randomness. Newton and the naked guy running around the town shouting Eureka (YES, I am too tired to Google that up, BUT I continue blabbering, roko, chalo roko =|) all chance, random thoughts.

One such thought came to me when I was walking back home from the station (yes I live in Mumbai now, I don’t hate is as much now but well more on that later) (now for people who follow my HTML-tag (all googled gyaan) that leads to my music blog will know how much this walk today has been special (bleh, small little idiotic things are special, so what? =\)

Hmm, job hunting is so much like a break up (or heartache or a stomach ache or headache or motions, umm never mind)  
Your mail gets filled with spam while the only person you want to hear from does not bother to reply =|
You call up people and they fix up appointments, you show up before time and then they say they’ll call you back. You end up waiting for calls that never come.
Every time your phone rings you leap towards it and your irritating friend (categorized as the person who likes all your links on FB but you don’t like them one bit) is on the other end, all smiling and happy saying how interesting her office-walas are. You laugh at all their stupid jokes. =| but the call never comes.

 And when it happens you are least prepared for it. Like when a lover calls you, the whole conversation flies off and the phone gets disconnected and then you remember the questions that you had to ask. 

BEAN BAGS are the bestest and the worstest  (yes, YES, I will use words that are non- existent, header nahin dekha =\)  pieces of furniture there are.
picture THIS. you are at bliss, with your ass and back being supported in a way that you could have only imagined; right then, there is need to go to the loo, you come back and sit and the whole feeling is gone. =| (don't blame the bladder, it has the right to get into emergency mode any time)

You just ,only at times, get it right, THAT is some hard work for the laze. =\

TOTALLY in love with the new Vodaphone ads, special things you do to me…amazing ads!!
I couldn’t find the song nor the youtube videos for the same.


Saala google b dhoka de deta hai. =/ (keep prompting i won't change it to upper case =|)

RANDOM TIP: when you know you get horrible pictures of yours, don't stop. you just might surpass yourself, you'll make worse pictures. (don't ask me why this now. bola na random hai)


  1. aaj meri aankhein khul gayi, mein dhanya hua...!!
    ye random gyaan pa ke

  2. you passed the litmus test!! (kya hai agar pucha to dhul jaoge)

    i was hoping that you do the translation requested by Jane but tu to wahan dikha nahin. tu bas gyaan hi leta reh.

  3. how could I do the translation. and what litmus test? really? I passed unknowingly? am I acidic? or alkaline?

  4. now u owe me 1500 bucks now .Thts the amount used to format my system after the trojan sent by ur blog.yeah i passed the litimus test and now my system is all acidic.

  5. boooo(oooooooo)l SHIT. =|
    koi trojan nahin tha and 500 to mere udhar hain tujh par. 1000 adjust karle =P

    (but you are out of any contest baba, tu to hamesha se passed hai!! distinction k sath =P)

  6. Degree kab milegi?500 udhar kab ki be?chup chap paise bhej pura 1500 bhej.

  7. abe tujhe yaad dilaun main abhi yahan? fir tu mujhe baaki hisab bolega, rehne de. =P
    1500 mera blog padhne ki fess samajh ke adjust karle. =P

  8. chalo is baar baksh dia tujhe.

  9. Haha! I am loving this random!

    Ditto @ bean bags - been there done that. Bleh.

    And the new dp - adorable. :)

  10. chalo someone agreed on the bean bags!

    =D thanku!

  11. issse jaada randomness nahin suni naahi dekhi , haan bling.com par mil sakti hain shayaD :p...


  12. :d with u on the bean bags :P

    and wat da fcuk is wrong! u have stopped "socializing" on fbuk :D

  13. @Mr Happy: i am happy that you are happy to be here and more happy that you are happy that the randomness made you happier =P

    about that statement on beanbags.

    @Juggernaut: i have stopped socializing on all levels. and you BLOODY found that out now???

  14. wow..this is baap of randomness...but so cool...
    and since humne header padha hain...we are not complaining n rather enjoying it all...
    also love the little hindi english mix that u are churning out here..
    totally like a fun conversation with u:-)

    btw...amnn is very sad that he cannot access your blog...help him na;-)
    P.S. the profile pic is super awesomely cute:-)

  15. heheh =D
    i wanted your comment on this so bad!! =P

    oh abt 'amn' both with the dots and the exclamation marks?? =P
    usko mera blog address de do =P

    thanks for the compliment, the profile pic looks just like me =P

  16. i totally get u ..!1
    i m lookin for a job too ..
    the world apperently is a bitch to freshers ,,!!
    tell me bout it ..!

  17. :) haaaa lol @ the fm frins like n ya dun like em ;) n de loo thing- happened to em yesterday just before ma fren n me chose soem 100 dresses to try on in detrial room- de sales gurl was like- grrrr

  18. @Amn: yaar itne dots and exclamation marks kyun hai tere naam me?

    don't worry! it is a bitch to freshers but it works out pretty soon =)
    best of luck!

    @Jane: aha look who is the shopaholic! =)

  19. I too love those little girls in vodafone ad.. when I saw it for the first time.. I literally had tears in my eyes.. it was so sweet :)