1 Oct 2010

lost and found.

[after eons of silence]

Y :can i say something?

X :yes.

Y: don't loose ur friends because of  strangers' rejections.
    you'll be left with nothing

X: hmm...

Y:you cant turn back if you want to, neither go forward.
   i am concerned for you 'coz you have the tendency of hurting urself unnecessarily.
   but your ego wnt allow me closer, to try and help you at  least  let me listen to you...

X:I'm the hero of the story, don't need to be saved.


[almost a day later]

Y: good to see u laughing.

X: there is no other option, is there?

Y: yes there is,ife gives u two fingers to choose.

X: it isn't enough.

Y: anyways I meant it when I said you look good when you laugh.

X: you also said I looked good when I was angry.

Y: you'll look gud to me even if you are drenched in shit and smell like a horse.
   anyways, you should go now.



  1. Why doesn't 'Y' just give this 'X' a jadoo ki jhappi?
    this 'X' needs some roughing up it seems. Jhappi would do just fine.

  2. Im the hero of the story ,dnt need to be saved is justified by the silence.

  3. BA only if things around X were so easy. she just wont let him.

    aren't they one of a kind wildflower?

    Sravan =)

  4. drenched in shit and smell like a horse thts a brave thing to say...Is y a zoo keeper.

  5. Sravan he the entire zoo himself. =P

  6. Wonderful!

    "I'm the hero of the story" - remind me which movie I have heard this in song again?

  7. 500 days of summer. =)
    the OST is really amazing.

    (chalo kisi ko to pata chala gaane ki line hai!)

  8. Haha...I can understand. That song is one such, that stays.

  9. yup. there are others too...there is "US" by the same singer. same movie. that is another really great track. i'm really in awe of the singer.
    P.S. check my music blog (link on the top of the page, no FB is making me share all my music here)